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Telecommunications History Group Museum & Archive Volunteers

We’re always looking for a few hours of help!

As in many non-profit organizations, the Telecommunications History Group’s volunteers are its life’s blood, keeping the group functioning and the archives in good order. Volunteers are essential to the building and maintenance of our archives, performing a variety of jobs, including archival and curator functions.

Duties include research, preservation, inventory, database entry and management, repair of antique equipment, tour conducting, educational speaking and oral history collection. Most of the work is performed at our Denver or Seattle locations, but we also have a limited number of positions are available for long distance “tele-volunteering.”

The Telecommunications History Group, Inc. - Volunteer at THGWhy Volunteer?

  • You can utilize your existing knowledge or learn new skills
  • There are opportunities to attend professional meetings and seminars
  • Access to The Telecommunications History Group’s archive and collections
  • You can participate in challenging work
  • Potential to explore one aspect of archiving more deeply, or do something new each week
  • Camaraderie with people of similar interests and background
  • The satisfaction of helping to preserve the telecom heritage

Note that telephone company experience is not required to become a THG volunteer!

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Volunteer with The Connections Museum Seattle, The Denver THG Archives, or remotely as a tele-volunteer.