You've seen how telecommunications changes our lives and our world.
Local Message Long Distance Message
Early to Mid-1800s Runners
U.S. to Europe--4-6 weeks
Stage coach--20 days St. Louis to Sacramento
Pony Express--10 days
Telegraph (U.S.)--1-3 days
Late 1800s to Early 1900s Operator assisted--several minutes Operator assisted--several hours
Early 1900s to 1980 Direct dial from stationary phone--instant Direct dial from stationary phone--usually instant
1980s to Now Cell phones from anywhere--instant for written, spoken, video Cell phones worldwide-- instant for written, spoken, video
Birth and Growth of Telecommunications
It's Happening Now
In April 2011 CenturyLink merged with Qwest to form the third-largest traditional telephone company in the nation. The 14 states served by Qwest are seeing changes as CenturyLink introduces itself to new customers. CenturyLink had been serving some rural areas of Colorado and now will serve urban areas as well.

What's Next?

Understanding the past helps us see the future.
Imagine inventing a new way for thoughts to fly.
You enjoy sharing your thoughts many different ways. Will you be the inventor who creates new ways for people to share their thoughts?
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