RTC logo The Rye Telephone Company is the local provider of communication services for the Greenhorn Valley in Colorado. With their state of the art "Fiber to the Home" network they offer cutting edge technologies including High Speed Internet, Digital Cable, and affordable long distance.

The Rye Telephone Company was incorporated in 1959 by Robert and Maxine MacCormack. When Robert and Maxine came to town, Rye was the only exchange - Colorado City had not even been formed. The Rye residents operated their phone system as a Farmer's Mutual Cooperative, with open-wire cable strung from tree to fence post to light pole. People still dialed "Hello Central" when they needed to make a local or long distance call.

The MacCormacks made a proposal to the Cooperative: If Robert and Maxine could build a new telephone network, install a switch, and get service into every home in Rye within one year, the system would become theirs. If they did not accomplish this, then the system would remain the Cooperative's. The community took them up on the deal, and The Rye Telephone Company was on its way!

RTC has grown with the Greenhorn Valley for almost forty-five years. In the beginning, Maxine and Robert were the only full-time employees. Their son, Garry joined them in 1972. A new business office was built in Colorado City in 1975. At that time, the company had five employees and 750 customers. Growth continued during the mid-1980s with the acquisition of the Kim, Colorado exchange. Today RTC proudly serves over 1,800 square miles and more than 2,500 customers. RTC is proud of its legacy as a third generation of the MacCormack family takes the reins of the company and leads it into the 21st century. Continuing with the innovative spirit of Robert and Maxine, RTC continues its growth by implementing a major technology upgrade—Fiber to the Home. With this new technology RTC also introduces two affiliate companies, Tvision and ghValley.net, expanding services to include enhanced video (television) and high-speed data (internet) direct to the Greenhorn Valley.

Website: www.ryetelephone.com

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PICTURED: (above) The RTC logo. (above right) Headquarters of the Rye Telephone Company, Colorado City, Colorado. (right) Display in the Rye Telephone Company museum.