Below we see some of the lesser-known AT&T products. Some are old and some are not so old, but they are all communications-related.

Apron-as-uniform. The AT&T Phone Center stores were a retail outlet for AT&T telecommunications products. The sales staff was provided stylish aprons to protect their clothing as well as establish staff identity utilizing the “uniform” approach.

Many different products. The Phone Center Store stocked many products. Here you see an AT&T Electronic Typewriter Portable Personal Model 5300.

Fax machine. The model 3510D AT&T FAX machine utilizes thermal paper and could send and receive paper messages.

Of course, telephones. A wide variety of telephone sets were offered by the AT&T stores. Here you can see a cordless set, a “Touch-a-matic, a large button “Touch – Tone” dial set and a “Spirit” business system set.

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PICTURED: (above, beginning of article) This AT&T Phone Center sign was salvaged from their store at the South Center Mall.
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