This section will contain a wealth of educational resources, both for children and teachers. For children, we will have activities, special tours, and even games--all very interactive and age-appropriate.

For teachers we will have educational packages including potential lesson plans, additional resource kits, and (eventually) electronic 'bots that can gather information from across the entire museum for the teacher to review and place into a lesson plan of their own.

We can also set up guided tours for entire classrooms--yes, school field trips without having to get on the bus! (We can also set up guided tours of our physical museums, and can provide contact information for teachers to bring our historians into their classrooms, either digitally, physically, or both!)

And the Telecommunications Virtual Museum will be set up to further interact with schools as they become more and more "wired" for technology, through the Internet, DVD or live video feeds, or whatever may come down the technology pipeline next.

No matter how you look at it, the Virtual Museum will be a force for education--positive education--on the Internet and beyond!

This section of the museum is still to be built. Please return to the entrance to continue exploring the museum.
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