Disaster strikes somewhere in the U.S. every day, whether it's a fire that destroys one family's home or a hurricane that wreaks havoc along the entire East Coast. Since its beginnings, the employees of the telecommunications industry have responded to disaster with heroism, providing emergency communications systems and restoring service to citizens.

Some of them have been awarded medals (see Vail Medals and our Heroes section for more) celebrating their bravery. More, however, quietly went about their job, doing whatever needed to be done to help their customers and their communities in time of trouble. These exhibits are dedicated to those thousands of men and women.
Going Beyond the Call: Southern New England Telephone's Response to Natural Disasters in Connecticut
An Electronic Exhibition from Archives and Special Collections, The Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, University of Connecticut Libraries

In this online exhibit, captivating photographs recall the disasters that have befallen Connecticut--destroyed homes, ruined roads and railroad lines, devastated towns and cities--and demonstrate the response of those who restored service to thousands of telephone subscribers. The photographic record is complemented by historical documents and published sources from the SNET Historical Collection in Archives & Special Collections.

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PICTURED: (above, beginning of article) Iowa, during the 1965 Mississippi River Flood (THG file photo).