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Our goal is to share a history that is common to us all – revolving around communicating with each other. We do this through showing off our museum collections, telling important stories, and researching facts you want to know.

What We Do...

Whatever your motivation, we’re here to share what we know, what we have, and where we’ve been in relation to telecommunications history. Whether visiting one of our locations, browsing our website to learn about telecom history, looking for a specific piece of information, or looking for others to connect with who share similar interests, we are here for you.

If you are a former employee of a telecommunications company who likes to relive the glory days or share history with your friends and family, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much information we have gathered and organized. Historical photographs and news articles tell many stories of innovation, technology, culture, and of course, people. Seeing the actual telephones and related equipment will take you back in time and allow you to place yourself in this rich history.

If you are not a phone company “insider,” you may still be fascinated by the history of telecommunications, both the more public side, and the behind the scenes stories. Whether you want to reminisce over the telephones and telephone directories you used to have, or simply gain a broader understanding of what lead up to the current technology of the cell phone in your pocket, we have a lot to share.

THG Research Services

Doing research for genealogy, legal cases, even movie sets that need accurate historical communications equipment? We can help! If you are in the Colorado area, you can make an appointment in our Denver Archives location. If not, we can provide research services for you.

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THG Educational Programs

Need displays of telecom history equipment, timelines for teaching history, talks about all the things that sprang from our rich communications history? Contact us – we can loan presentations to organizations or schools, deliver talks or tours, or help you with curriculum planning for your class or group.

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THG Denver Telecom Archives

Whether you are searching for a particular document or just curious about a topic related to telecom history, contact us to arrange a visit to our Denver Archives. We have over 80,000 photos and slides, numerous books, memorabilia, and publications related to telecom technology, business, culture, people, and architecture.

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THG Resources

In addition to our physical archives location in Denver, Colorado, our website has an extensive collection of digital resources: from interviews, articles, timelines, list of other museums, and stories galore. Take a virtual tour of our resources or contact us if you are looking for something specific and need assistance.

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Tour Connections Museum Denver

A glimpse into the past includes telephones, equipment, and the space in which a lot of it happened. Housed in the historic 1929 “telephone company” building, an architectural delight along with historic art, documents, and yes, telephones from every era. Available through private tours. Contact us for more information.

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Visit Connections Museum Seattle

An outstanding collection that captures the story of telecommunications, including working switching equipment. Open to the public every Sunday, operated by enthusiastic volunteers who can’t wait to answer your questions, show you around, and tell you stories! Contact us for more information.

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