Photographs, 931 14th St

The Real Estate Department of Mountain Bell maintained meticulous records, including floor plans and pictures of each building owned by the company. THG has thousands of these photographs, many of which have been used by preservationists and architects. The following are a few photos of the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph headquarters building at 931 14th St. in Denver. Built in 1928 and opened in 1929, it is referred to as "The last of the Bell System Palaces", as it was the last to be built before the stock market crash of 1929 and the subsequent Depression of the 1930s. (Our thanks to volunteer Renee Lang for processing these photos.)

14th and Curtis, the site of the new building, as it appeared in 1920.
steel work
The steel frame is built.
w old hdqtrs
The framework from a different angle, showing the old headquarters building around the corner on Champa St.
The façade goes up.
The “New Headquarters Building” as it appeared in August 1929.
The building is adorned with 13 murals by the nationally known Colorado artist, Allen True. The 931 14th St. entrance contains several of the murals.
pony express
This mural is in the outer Curtis St. lobby.
An Allen True Mural in the inner 14th St. lobby.
The front hallway.
The cashier’s office.
business off
The business office.
board room
The board of directors conference room.
president's off
The President’s office.

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